love your life ~ luminous life

LOVE your life

let go, from every level of your being,

of all the things that hold you back 

from being true to your highest purpose

Often we go around and around an issue, struggling to find our way through.  At luminous life we work with various functions in the brain to help you process through areas where you feel stuck, freeing you to relax and find a clear way through anything that has been holding you back.

Body memory can be a powerful thing, as can our internal physical protective mechanisms.  Whether struggling to release a physical response to injury, trauma or illness, at luminous life we work to understand the underlying cause, and then resolve it, freeing you to move forward to a new way of being, helping you feel like your old self again.

When talking about an issue simply isn't enough, we work with the body's innate responses, to release and reset internal stress mechanisms.  Free yourself from emotional stress, allow yourself to relax and let go by understanding your underlying triggers and reseting your emotional and physical response to them.

Let go of any attachments that are holding you back, no matter what aspect of you holds onto them.  Often we operate from subconscious fears, and feel as though no matter how hard we try we just don't get where we want to be.  At luminous life we help you to reconnect across every level of your being, increasing your awareness and bringing you back into alignment with your purpose.