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LOVE your life

Are you ready to bring your INSPIRATION to the world?

Join me for this FREE 45 min webinar where we will talk about the reasons WHY, despite your greatest intentions, 

YOU ARE NOT MAKING THE DIFFERENCE you really want to make in the world.

‘Cos it ain’t about the money money money

its not about the money money money
We just wanna make the world dance
Forget about the price tag...

(Anyone else been watching Pitch Perfect lately? Sing it with me!)

Ok, so aside from the awesome singing and dancing – I love this song because they are singing MY TRUTH. I WANNA MAKE THE WORLD DANCE – and I know so many of us feel the same.

Most of us (once we pay the bills and have enough money to be comfortable), want more.

We want to make a difference in the world – we want to experience the joy that comes from helping those we work with dance, sing, light up inside.

But, what happens when your deepest desire to create positive social change in the world runs into a brick wall?

What happens when your soul is yearning, but you are not answering that call?

What happens when you try, but find you can’t get there? When you don’t have the time, the confidence, the courage, the support, to do what you need to do to make YOUR difference?

It can happen for so many reasons:

  • you might doubt your ability to do what you really want to do,
  • you might be worried about changing direction, or adding something new, and risking all that you have created so far,
  • what if you can’t find the time for the things that are important in your life,
  • what if you aren’t feeling supported in your ‘impossible dream’

The What Ifs, the Doubts and the Fears are the things that hold us back. They rise up from our subconscious mind, and they make it feel impossible to bring our own song to the world.

Helping people move through their fears, doubts, what ifs and wonky belief systems is MY SONG.

When you are in doubt and fear, your body and mind react, making it hard to push through. For example, your caudate nucleus (a part of your brain) tries to protect you from moving outside of your comfort zone, and then the amygdala triggers a fear response through your body.

But when we understand what underlying belief systems are triggering this response and reset them, when we bring your body on board with your heart and soul - suddenly you will feel free to answer the call of your spirit.

The Doubts, the Fears and the What Ifs will seem insignificant.

Because you will KNOW what you can bring.

You will KNOW that you ARE CAPABLE.

And you will not be holding yourself back anymore.

And so it will flow into your life – and you will sing your song, and the world will dance with you.

If you’re interested in knowing more, then CLICK HERE for a link to the webinar replay.

And, if you'd like more information, or want to book a FREE 60 minute Personal Discovery Session, email Suzanne for more information.

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