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About luminous life

The concept for Luminous Life was created from the idea that everyone deserves to reach their full potential in life - whatever they choose that to be.

For every person this is different - some of us want to help others, some of us want to achieve great things in sport, or at work, some of us want to simply relax and enjoy the things around us.  Whatever you would like to do in your life - we believe its possible!  It may seem hard sometimes, and trust me, we've all been there.  But ultimately, we believe that if you can clear away any obstacles in your path you will achieve all the things you dream of, and even more.

Luminous Life's philosophy is built on the understanding that we create the life we live. So if there are obstacles, we can learn to release them, even when they seem insurmountable. 

About Suzanne Leonard

Suzanne has always followed her dreams passionately, putting her heart and dedication into everything she considered important to her.  Whilst studying a Bachelor of Science, with a double major in Psychology & Computer Science, Suzanne also trained as a competitive dancer.  Upon leaving Uni, Suzanne moved from South Australia to Melbourne to further her dancing career.  At the age of 26 Suzanne left dancing, wanting to pursue other areas of her life.  This enabled her to progress her career in the corporate world, starting as an Administration Manager, and moving on to become a respected IT Consultant, eventually taking on a permanent position in a global company as their Information Security Controllership Leader. 

At that time she was suffering migraines, often 2 or 3 per week - and after being told that there was nothing that the doctors could do other than prescribe increasingly strong painkillers, Suzanne went to see a kinesiologist recommended by a friend.  The migraines stopped a few weeks later, and Suzanne's dedication to natural healing began.  Inspired to work in an area that could bring others the power to excel in their own lives, Suzanne spent 4 years studying to reach Advanced Diploma level as a Professional Kinesiology Practitioner in Melbourne. 

During this time Suzanne's business grew rapidly, as she juggled her career in Information Security, additional training with a Traditional Master in Dragon Gate Qi Gong, all the while continuing her study.

After a brief stint in Sydney with her husband's work, Suzanne and her young family relocated to Adelaide and Luminous Life is currently based in the Adelaide Hills.

Having worked through the long term effects of a significant childhood trauma of her own, a significant proportion of Suzanne’s business now focusses on helping those who experience anxiety, depression or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, particularly for those who have experienced childhood trauma.    , anyone wishing to create their own luminous life.  

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